Our Story

We (Peter and Angelika) bought our dream farm 14 years ago. Starting out as hobby farmers and enjoyers of the fresh air and the relaxed country lifestyle, we quickly noticed the potential we were sitting on top of! This is where our story and our passion and development of hydroponic vegetables begun.


Our love of nourishing, wholesome food, growing clean produce and keeping our livestock stress free and true to their natural needs encompasses the true ‘paddock-to-plate’ philosophy. Opening a produce store and cafe/restaurant on our farm has allowed us to realise this dream. Come and share this relaxing, picturesque  environment and join us on this journey.

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Our Story - Angelika with Strawberries
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Our Farm

Welcome to our farm! We are proud to present our 158 acres of beautifully hidden, yet easily accessible farmland with you all. For the past 14 years we have been looking after the land, cultivating the soil and enjoying the fresh air!


Our story begins a few years ago when we decided to raise our favourite animals in a true free-range environment, setup three enormous sheds growing the freshest hydroponic produce and locally sourcing other quality products from South Gippsland’s best farmers. We hope your kids thoroughly enjoy our ‘Pick-Your-Own’ Strawberry Field, and you enjoy the breath of fresh air on your way down through South Gippsland.

Strawberry Fields and Blue Sky
Lake and Trees
Our Farm Entrance Signage
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Fresh Produce

We have three hydroponic sheds measuring a total of 10,000m2. These are truly enormous! They are used to grow and nurture our fresh hydroponic produce. We can keep our plants free from soil-born pests, disease and weeds, eliminating the need to regularly spray these vegetables with nasty chemicals. Growing vegetables hydroponically also allows us to maintain optimal nutrients, oxygen and water levels to the roots, resulting in fresh plants and deliciously healthy produce!

Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants or produce without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. It allows farmers to maintain a consistent high level of produce (minimal wastage!), avoid using chemicals, and grow in a controlled environment, all year around!


Hydroponics may seem a futuristic type of gardening but the concepts have been around since the 1500s. It’s thought the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were grown hydroponically through a series of aqueducts and channeling of water through the tower.


The Aztecs were believe to have used hydroponics to grow many of their fruits and vegetables. Forced into a marshy land with little to no soil to grow crops, the Aztecs tied together reeds, twigs and other materials to create floating rafts. These rafts were then covered with nutrient-rich soil dredged from the marsh. Various vegetables seeds were then planted into this soil. The seeds would grow, and their roots would reach through the raft into the water, continuing to derive nutrients and water from the marsh.


View our Produce Store here.

Hydroponic Tomatoes
Hydroponic Basil
Hydroponic Eggplant
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