Our South Gippsland Farm

Our farm occupies a beautiful 158 acres, located just 10mins from Phillip Island in South Gippsland, and backs onto the Grantville Flora & Fauna Reserve.  We have three hydroponic sheds measuring a total of 10,000m2. Our farm is home to Wessex-Saddleback pigs & Angus Beef Cattle,  all of our animals are free-range and are raised to provide for our produce store and cafe.


On your journey down our picturesque driveway, you’ll pass two lakes flourishing with local wildlife, our large open animal & crop paddocks, hay sheds and the true country farm experience. This will quickly become your favourite place in South Gippsland!

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‘Pick-Your-Own’ Strawberries

We have 1km of ‘waisthigh’ strawberry rows, brimming with hydroponic strawberries just waiting to be picked! Easy picking for young & old, we’ve even ensured wheelchair accessibility. (Please note, due to our reliance on the sun and customer demand, there may be times when the strawberries aren’t quite ready, or may have already been picked!)


We have two container sizes available from our produce store (250gm & 500gm) and are happy to accomodate your containers of similar size!

Strawberries on Vines
Strawberry Field Rows and Blue Sky
Bowl of Fresh Strawberries

Seasonal Times

Peak strawberry picking season is September through April, although this still remains dependant on the weather, so it may be best to call ahead during off-season times and we can let you know if  picking is available that day / weekend.


Our ‘Pick-Your-Own’ Strawberries are suitable for young & old, and we have ensured our hydroponic strawberry rows are wheelchair accessible.
What are hydroponic strawberries? 

Opening Hours

We are open Wed – Sun from 9am – 5pm.
Our ‘Pick-Your-Own’ Strawberries are subject to availability and weather conditioning. You can view our location details here.

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Our Animals

We carry two different livestock – Wessex Saddleback Pigs and Beef Cattle. Our produce store & cafe (opening soon!) is truly a ‘Paddock-to-Plate’ experience. Our animals are kept in loose large open paddocks where they are rotated regularly, helping to improve our soil.

Little Pig Snout
The Big Pig
Little Pig Closeup

Wessex Saddleback Pigs

Free range & living amongst their families, our Wessex Saddleback Pigs are rotated between large, open paddocks with sheltered sheds to help regularly improve the soil condition. Daily mud baths are a common sight, and they get spoiled with a diet of our own-grown vegetables, mixed grains and legumes.

Beef Cattle

Our Beef Cattle are primarily 100% Grass-Fed Angus Beef. They have plenty of free-range open paddocks that we rotate them through, improving both their quality of life and the quality of the land. Our beef cattle supply both our produce store and cafe.

Benefits of free-range, grass-fed beef

Free-range & grass-fed beef tastes better and is healthier for you:  Humans evolved eating grass-fed animals, this quality of meat is naturally healthier for our bodies. It is also leaner:  Containing bout 1/3 the fat of regular beef. It is higher in conjugated linoleic acid: 3-5 times as much, Omega 3 fatty acids: 2-6 times as much, Vitamin E: 2 times as much, and it also provides a better quality of life for the animals.

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Our Philosophy

We are passionate about providing a true ‘Paddock-to-Plate’ experience. We take pride in being able to grow & provide own our hydroponic vegetables & herbs, raise and look after our free-range pigs & beef cattle, and source all other ingredients from quality local farmers!


Growing – good produce
Fresh – directly to the public
Food – prepared on our own farm
For you!

Our Friends

We are proud to locally source all additional products (fruits, jams, cheese, honey, garlic, biscuits) from other quality South Gippsland farmers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually improve our farmland with the help of landcare, environmentally friendly soil improvement, keeping healthy and relaxed livestock in a clean & pesticide-free environment.

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Keep up with our animals!